10 Hair Cut Style Korean

Known for its unique mix of creativity and accuracy, the Korean haircut style is a unique and growing trend in the world of hairstyling. These hairstyles are based on the lively and fast-paced Korean pop culture and combine classic grace with a modern twist in a beautiful way. Korean haircuts can be worn in a lot of different ways. They can be sleek and polished, or they can be edgier and creative. 

The wide range of cuts, colors, and textures that make up this style show how much it values identity and self-expression. Whether it’s the famous styles inspired by K-pop idols or the easily chic looks seen on the streets of Seoul, Korean Hair Cut Style has become a symbol of new ideas and a beauty world that is always changing. With careful attention to detail and a desire to break the rules, these haircuts show a national look that inspires and fascinates people all over the world.

Korean Hair Cut Style isn’t just a trim; it’s a journey into a world where every snip tells a story. Whether you’re vibing with K-drama chic or going for that effortlessly cool street-style vibe, these haircuts are your passport to a trendsetting adventure. Lets discuss the different types of Korean hair styles and also extensions.

Curtain Bangs (See-Through Bangs)

Curtain bangs are a trendy haircut in which you part your front hair into soft bangs that frame your face like curtains. Curtain bangs are more relaxed than straight-across bangs. They make your face look better by framing it.

The word “curtain” comes from the way they can be split down the middle, like curtains. It looks good and is a simple way to change your haircut.

Two Block Cut

Two Block Cut

The hair is cut really short on the sides and back, almost like a buzz cut. The hair on top is left longer, which makes the style cool and stylish. It makes the short sides stand out against the longer top, giving it a cool and edgy look. A lot of Korean women wear their hair this way, and it gives you a stylish look.

Shaggy Layers

The Shaggy Layers haircut is cool and in style. The hair is cut in a way that makes it look rough and messy. Imagine having hair of different lengths that mix together to make a style that is fun and easygoing.

The layers give your hair movement and thickness, which makes it look stylish and easy. People who want a loose and casual look in their hair can try this fun style.

Bob with Permed Ends

Bob with Permed Ends

A bob haircut with permed ends is a cool style that combines two cool things. For starters, there’s the bob, a short haircut that usually stops around the mouth. The ends of the hair are then permed, which means they are curled or waved.

It’s kind of like having a bob with a fun twist at the ends. It makes your hair look a little twisted or wavy. This style is cool and sassy at the same time.


For a cool and daring look, shave or cut very short the hair on the sides or back of your head for an undercut. The hair on top stays longer. If you have really short hair on the sides and longer hair on top, it looks like that.

You can choose how strong or weak the difference should be in this style, which is trendy and edgy. The shorter hair on the bottom of your head is like having a secret party, while the longer, more stylish hair on top of your head stands out.

Messy Lob (Long Bob)

Messy Lob (Long Bob)

It’s cool and relaxed to wear your hair in a Messy Lob style. It’s not too short or too long. Like long hair that’s cut shorter, but not quite a short bob. This style is unique because it’s meant to look a little messy, which gives it a laid-back and easy vibe. Great if you want to look stylish without having to spend a lot of time styling.

People like the messy bob because it’s trendy, easy to style, and looks good on many face types. The messy cut is a great way to get hair that’s not too short but still looks stylish and a little messy.

Pixie Cut

This is a Pixie Cut, which is a very short and stylish haircut. It’s like magic for your hair; it gets very short and curly. A Pixie Cut is when your hair is cut close to your head.

It looks cool and sure of itself. It gives you a sassy and modern look and is great if you want something bright and easy to handle. You can think of it as a short, stylish haircut that shows off your strong and stylish side.

Mullet Cut

Mullet Cut

A Mullet Cut  is a way to style your hair so that it is shorter in the front and sides and longer in the back. It looks like you have short hair in front and longer hair in the back. People used to like this style, and now it’s becoming popular again.

It can make a person look edgy and unique, going for a bold and retro look. Some people like the mullet cut because it’s different from more common haircuts and makes them feel brave.

Blunt Cut with Straight Bangs

Put a twist in the front by making the bangs straight. What’s better than having hair all over the place? Having this cool, straight-across fringe right in front of your face. It’s like a simple, stylish frame for your face.

To keep it simple and professional is the whole point. This haircut lets people know you’re there and makes you look good without making a big deal out of it.

K-Drama Wave Perm

K-Drama Wave Perm

It’s kind of like a popular haircut that comes from Korean shows. In Korean dramas, the characters often have great hair that is wavy and bouncey and looks really stylish? The K-Drama Wave Perm can help you feel the same way!

Basically, it’s a way to give your hair waves that last. They use special methods to give your hair the waves that look like they belong in Korean shows. One way to get the look of a K-Drama star is to get a K-Drama Wave Perm. This will give your hair stylish waves. It’s like adding a little K-drama magic to your everyday look.


What is the name of Korean haircut?

The popular Korean haircut is known as the “K-Drama Wave Perm,” giving a stylish and wavy look inspired by Korean dramas.

Which haircut suits me?

It really depends on your face shape, personal style, and hair texture. Consider consulting with a hairstylist for personalized advice on a haircut that suits you best.

Which hairstyle girls love?

Girls often love hairstyles that are trendy and versatile, allowing them to express their personal style with ease. Popular choices include beach waves, braids, and the timeless long layers.

Which hair are attractive?

Attractiveness is subjective, and different people find different hairstyles appealing. Ultimately, the most attractive hair is whatever makes an individual feel confident and comfortable.


When it comes to haircuts, everyone has their own idea of what is beautiful. The K-Drama Wave Perm is a great example of this idea because it gives you a trendy and easily stylish look that is based on the interesting world of Korean dramas. By using special techniques to make waves that look natural, this haircut lets people add a touch of K-Drama magic to their everyday look, making it not only look good but also show how confident and at ease they are.

In the end, everyone has a different idea of what makes hair beautiful. The most important thing is not to follow a general standard of beauty, but to find a hairdo that fits your own style and way of expressing yourself. In order to be beautiful, people should do what makes them feel good in their own skin and hair, whether that’s fashionable waves like in K-Drama or any other style.

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