Can I Use Olaplex After Coloring My Hair?

Olaplex is a hair treatment that helps prevent damage and breakage during chemical processes, such as coloring or perming, by repairing and strengthening the hair’s structure. It’s often used in salons to improve hair health and maintain its integrity.

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Olaplex is a haircare product known for its ability to strengthen and repair damaged hair. You can use Olaplex after coloring your hair to minimize damage caused by the coloring process. Simply apply it as a treatment to damp hair, and it will help restore and maintain the health of your colored locks, leaving them looking vibrant and nourished.

How to use Olaplex?

1. Wash your hair: Begin by shampooing your hair with your regular shampoo. This helps to remove any dirt or product buildup, preparing your hair for the Olaplex treatment.

2. Towel-dry gently: After washing, gently towel-dry your hair to remove excess water. Your hair should be damp but not dripping wet for the best application of Olaplex.

3. Apply Olaplex No. 3: Dispense a generous amount of Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector and apply it evenly from the roots to the ends of your hair. Make sure to cover all areas for maximum benefit.

4. Wait for at least 10 minutes: Allow Olaplex to work its magic for at least 10 minutes. You can leave it on longer for a more intensive treatment, even up to overnight if you prefer.

5. Rinse and follow with regular routine: After the waiting period, rinse out the Olaplex thoroughly. Follow up with your usual shampoo and conditioner. You can use Olaplex No. 3 once a week or as needed, depending on your hair’s condition, to keep your hair looking healthy and strong.

Can you use Olaplex 3 on dirty hair?

Yes, you can use Olaplex No. 3 on dirty hair. Olaplex No. 3 is a hair treatment designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair. It works by rebuilding the broken bonds within the hair shaft. Applying Olaplex No. 3 to dirty hair allows the product to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively, as the natural oils and build-up on dirty hair can act as a protective barrier. 

To use Olaplex No. 3 on dirty hair, simply apply the product evenly throughout your hair, making sure to saturate each section. Leave it on for the recommended time, usually around 10 to 30 minutes, before shampooing and conditioning as usual. Using Olaplex No. 3 on dirty hair can help restore and improve the overall health of your hair, leaving it stronger and more resilient.

Do you shampoo after Olaplex 3?

Yes, after using Olaplex No. 3, it is recommended to shampoo your hair. Olaplex No. 3 is an at-home hair treatment designed to reduce breakage and strengthen hair. After leaving the Olaplex No. 3 treatment on your hair for the recommended time, usually around 10 minutes, you should rinse it out and follow up with a shampoo. 

This helps to remove any residue from the treatment and ensures that your hair is clean. After shampooing, you can also use conditioner if needed. Incorporating Olaplex No. 3 into your hair care routine can help improve the overall health and strength of your hair.

Olaplex 3 before and after

Before Using Olaplex No. 3After Using Olaplex No. 3
Damaged or Weak HairStrengthened Hair
Split EndsReduced Breakage
Lackluster AppearanceImproved Shine
Color-Treated StressEnhanced Color Vibrancy
Brittle TextureSofter, Healthier Feel
Increased Breakage RiskMinimized Breakage

Can I use Olaplex 0 right after coloring my hair?

Yes, you can use Olaplex No. 0 right after coloring your hair. Olaplex is a hair treatment system designed to strengthen and repair hair bonds, and No. 0, also known as the Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, serves as a primer for the subsequent use of Olaplex No. 3. 

Applying No. 0 immediately after coloring helps enhance its effectiveness by preparing your hair for the bonding treatment. Simply apply No. 0 to dry, unwashed hair, distribute it evenly, and leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes before proceeding with Olaplex No. 3. This two-step process is a great way to nourish and protect your hair, especially after color treatments.

How to use Olaplex 0 and 3?

Using Olaplex 0 and 3 is a simple two-step process to revive and strengthen your hair. Begin with Olaplex 0, the Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment. Start with dry, unwashed hair and apply the entire bottle, ensuring even distribution. Gently comb through to saturate your strands. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes, allowing it to work its magic in repairing and priming your hair for the next step. Without rinsing, move on to Olaplex 3, the Hair Perfector.

 Apply a generous amount to your damp hair, focusing on the areas that need extra care. Comb through to guarantee every strand is coated. Leave Olaplex 3 on for a minimum of 10 minutes, or you can even leave it overnight for a more intense treatment. Finally, rinse and shampoo as usual to reveal beautifully restored and healthier-looking hair. Incorporating this Olaplex duo into your routine once a week can help maintain strong and resilient locks.

Olaplex shampoo and conditioner

Olaplex shampoo and conditioner

Olaplex shampoo and conditioner are a dynamic duo designed to nurture and strengthen your hair. Known for their innovative approach to hair care, Olaplex products are formulated with a patented bond-building technology that helps repair and protect hair from damage caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental factors. 

The shampoo gently cleanses without compromising the hair’s integrity, while the conditioner works to hydrate and fortify strands. Together, they leave your hair feeling soft, shiny, and more resilient. Whether you’re looking to revive damaged hair or maintain healthy locks, Olaplex shampoo and conditioner are a fantastic choice for promoting overall hair well-being.

Olaplex treatment

Olaplex is a revolutionary hair treatment that works wonders for damaged hair. Whether your hair has been through countless dye sessions or excessive heat styling, Olaplex is here to rescue it. This treatment helps rebuild the strength, structure, and integrity of your hair by reconnecting broken bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. 

The magic lies in Olaplex’s patented active ingredient, which seeks out and repairs broken disulfide bonds within the hair shaft. Healthier, shinier, and more resilient locks. Olaplex is suitable for all hair types and can be used as a standalone treatment or as an addition to your regular hair coloring process

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Olaplex product is recommended after coloring?

Olaplex No. 0, the Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment, is recommended for use right after coloring. It primes your hair for further treatment with Olaplex No. 3.

Do I need to wash my hair before using Olaplex after coloring?

No, you don’t need to wash your hair before using Olaplex. Apply Olaplex No. 0 to dry, unwashed hair for at least 10 minutes before moving on to Olaplex No. 3.

Can I use Olaplex regularly after coloring?

Yes, you can incorporate Olaplex into your regular hair care routine, especially after coloring, to maintain the health and strength of your hair. Follow the recommended usage guidelines for best results.


Using Olaplex after coloring your hair is not only safe but also recommended for optimal hair health. Olaplex, especially No. 0 and No. 3, works together to repair and strengthen hair bonds, providing a nourishing treatment that complements the coloring process. 

Applying Olaplex immediately after coloring helps fortify and protect your hair, leaving it looking vibrant and healthy. So, go ahead and embrace the combination of Olaplex with your hair color routine for beautiful and resilient locks.

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