How To Change Hair Color In Capcut?

Editing videos has become a popular pastime for many, and the availability of user-friendly video editing apps has made it easier than ever to explore your creativity. CapCut is one such app that allows you to edit videos with ease. Whether you’re a content creator, a vlogger, or just someone who enjoys playing with videos.

CapCut offers a variety of editing features, including the ability to change the hair color of people in your videos. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to change hair color in CapCut.

What is CapCut?

Before we dive into the process of changing hair color in CapCut, let’s start with a brief introduction to the app itself. CapCut is a popular video editing app developed by Bytedance, the same company behind TikTok.

It offers a wide range of features, including video trimming, adding music, effects, transitions, and more. CapCut is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Can CapCut Change Hair Color?

CapCut is a popular video editing app known for its accessibility and versatility. While it may not have the advanced capabilities of professional editing software, it does offer tools to change hair color within your videos. 

Changing Hair Color in CapCut

Changing the hair color of people in your videos can be a fun and creative way to enhance your video projects, achieving a beautiful hair color. Whether you want to give your characters a bold new look, create a specific mood, or simply experiment with different styles, CapCut allows you to do just that. Here’s how you can change hair color in CapCut:

Install and Open CapCut

If you don’t already have CapCut installed on your device, you can download it from your respective app store. Once the app is installed, open it and start a new project or import an existing video you’d like to edit.

Import Your Video

Tap on the “New Project” button and select the video clip you want to work on. You can import videos from your device’s gallery or record a new one using CapCut’s camera feature.

Tips for a Successful Hair Color Change

Changing hair color in CapCut can be a creative and enjoyable process, but it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind to achieve the best results:

Start with High-Quality Footage

The quality of your source video will significantly impact the success of your hair color change. Make sure your original footage is well-lit and in focus to avoid any complications during the editing process.

Experiment with Different Filters

CapCut offers a wide range of color filters, so don’t hesitate to try out several options to find the perfect hair color for your subject. Different filters may produce distinct results, so it’s worth experimenting.

Be Patient with Masking

The masking process can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s a crucial step for achieving a natural-looking hair color change. Take your time and be precise while painting over the hair.

Blend and Match

Ensure that the changed hair color blends seamlessly with the rest of the video. Adjust the filter’s intensity, feathering, and color correction to match the overall color scheme.

Practice and Learn

Changing hair color in CapCut, like any other editing skill, improves with practice. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t meet your expectations. Keep practicing, and you’ll become more proficient over time.

How Do You Remove a Color from CapCut?

While CapCut is primarily used to add or change colors within videos, you can also use it to remove colors or create a monochromatic effect. To remove a color from your video using CapCut, follow these steps:

  • Import your video into CapCut.
  • Select the “Effects” option and search for the “Monochrome” or “Black & White” filter.
  • Apply the filter to your video, and it will remove all colors, leaving your video in grayscale.
  • Adjust the intensity or other settings as needed to achieve the desired effect.
  • Preview your video and save the edited project.

How to Do the CapCut Hair Trend

The CapCut hair trend has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. This trend involves changing the color of your hair in videos using CapCut. To participate in the CapCut hair trend, follow these steps:

1. Open CapCut and import the video clip featuring your hair.

2. Split the clip at the point where you want the hair color to change.

3. Select the hair using the “Brush” or “Selection” tool.

4. Apply the “Hair Color Change Filter” and adjust the color settings.

5. Preview the result to ensure you are satisfied with the hair color change.

6. Save the edited video and share it on your preferred social media platform with the appropriate hashtags to join the trend.

What Is the Hair Color Change Filter That Is Trending on TikTok?

The Hair Color Change Filter is a trending feature on CapCut, popularized on platforms like TikTok. This filter allows users to change their hair color within videos, providing a fun and creative way to experiment with different looks. By using this filter, you can easily transform your appearance and participate in various video trends on social media.

What Are the Other Alternative Apps for Changing Hair Color?

If you’re interested in changing hair color in your videos but prefer to explore other apps, there are a few alternatives to CapCut. Some of these apps include:

VivaVideo. VivaVideo is a versatile video editing app that offers features for changing hair color, along with various other editing tools.

Alight Motion. Alight Motion is a powerful video and animation editing app that allows for precise control over color adjustments, including hair color changes.

Adobe Premiere Rush. For those looking for professional-grade editing, Adobe Premiere Rush provides advanced color correction and manipulation tools.

InShot. InShot is a user-friendly video editing app with a variety of filters and effects, including options for changing hair color.

How to Do the Hair Color Change Trend Using CapCut?

The hair color change trend using CapCut involves adding dramatic color transformations to your hair in videos. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to participate in this popular trend:

  1. Open CapCut and import the video clip featuring your hair.

2. Split the clip at the point where you want the hair color to change.

3. Select the hair using the “Brush” or “Selection” tool.

4. Apply the “Hair Color Change Filter” from the “Effects” menu.

5. Adjust the filter settings to change your hair color to your desired shade.

6. Preview the video to ensure you’re satisfied with the hair color transformation.

7. Save the edited video and share it on TikTok or other social media platforms using relevant hashtags to engage with the trend.

Where to Download the Hair Change Template Directly?

CapCut offers various templates and effects that you can use for your video projects. To download a hair change template directly, follow these steps:

1. Open CapCut and start a new project.

2. In the editing interface, click on the “Templates” or “Effects” option.

3. Search for the “Hair Color Change Template” or a similar template that suits your needs.

4. Once you find the template, click on it to download it directly to your project.

5. Customize the template as per your preferences, and you’re ready to go.

Downloading a template directly in CapCut simplifies the process and allows you to add trendy hair color effects effortlessly.

How Do You Get CapCut Effects?

CapCut offers a variety of effects, including those for changing hair color. To access and apply effects in CapCut, follow these steps:

How Do You Get CapCut Effects?

1. Open CapCut and start a new project.

2. Import your video clip.

3. In the editing interface, click on the “Effects” tab.

4. Browse through the available effects or use the search bar to find specific effects, such as the “Hair Color Change Filter.”

5. Select the desired effect, and it will be applied to your video.

6. Adjust the effect’s settings to customize it according to your preferences.

7. Preview the video to ensure the effect looks as you want it.

8. Save the edited project.

Experimenting with Different Hair Colors for Creative Effects

1Choose Your Desired Hair Color Palette
2Prepare Your Hair for Dyeing
3Select Temporary or Permanent Dye
4Test a Strand of Hair for Color Compatibility
5Apply the Dye Following Instructions
6Process and Rinse
7Maintenance and Aftercare
8Embrace Your New Creative Look

Adjust the Hair Color Effect

To make your hair color change look more natural and appealing, it’s essential to adjust the hair color effect properly. Here are some tips to help you fine-tune the effect:

Hue and Saturation. Adjust the hue and saturation levels to achieve the desired color. Increasing saturation can make the new color more vibrant.

Intensity. Depending on the effect, you may have the option to control the intensity of the hair color change. Make subtle changes for a more realistic look or go bold for a creative effect.

Feathering. Feathering helps blend the new color with the original hair color. Adjust it to create a smooth transition.

Shadows and Highlights. Fine-tune the shadows and highlights to match the lighting in your video, ensuring a more convincing color change.

Smooth Transitions. Pay attention to the transition areas, ensuring that the color change is seamless and natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my hair color in CapCut?

To change your hair color in CapCut, use the “Keying” feature. Select the “Effects” tab, find “Keying,” and apply it to the video clip with your hair. Adjust the color using the color picker.

Is it easy to change hair color in CapCut?

Yes, it’s relatively easy. CapCut provides a user-friendly interface and simple tools for changing hair color in your videos.

Can I change my hair color to any shade in CapCut?

CapCut allows you to change your hair color to various shades, but the final result depends on your original hair color and lighting in the video.

Do I need a green screen to change hair color in CapCut?

While a green screen can help, it’s not always necessary. CapCut’s keying feature can work without a green screen, but having a consistent background color can make the process smoother.

Is CapCut suitable for beginners to change their hair color? 

Yes, CapCut is beginner-friendly for basic hair color changes. It provides user-friendly tools to achieve the desired effect.


CapCut is a user-friendly video editing app that allows you to change hair color in your videos, offering a creative and enjoyable way to enhance your video projects. It’s a versatile tool accessible to both Android and iOS users, making it a popular choice for content creators, vloggers, and anyone interested in video editing.

CapCut is a convenient option, there are alternative video editing apps available for changing hair color, each with its own unique features and complexity levels. Depending on your editing needs and skills, you can explore apps like VivaVideo, Alight Motion, Adobe Premiere Rush, or InShot to achieve different effects.

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