How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Bright?

If your hair color is brighter than you’d like, there are a few simple ways to tone it down. First, consider using a color-correcting shampoo or conditioner designed to neutralize unwanted tones. Look for products with opposite colors on the color wheel to counteract the brightness, like purple shampoo for yellow or brassy tones. Additionally, you can try a gentle hair rinse with brewed chamomile tea to soften and lighten the color naturally.

 If you’re still not satisfied, consulting a professional hair colorist is a wise choice for a tailored solution to achieve your desired hair color. Remember, toning down hair color may take some time and experimentation, so be patient and test these methods to find the one that works best for your specific situation.

Apply a darker shade to your hair

One of the most straightforward ways to darken your hair color is by applying a darker shade. This approach is particularly effective if your current hair color is only slightly lighter than your desired shade. Here’s how you can do it:

 Choose a darker hair dye:

 Visit a beauty supply store or consult with a professional to find a hair dye shade that is darker than your current color, or consider using a product like head and shoulders strip hair color. Ensure that the new shade complements your skin tone and matches the desired outcome.

Perform a strand test: 

Before applying the new color to your entire head, conduct a strand test. This involves applying the darker dye to a small section of your hair to see how it turns out. This test will help you gauge whether the color will match your expectations.

 Follow the dyeing instructions: Once you’re satisfied with the strand test, follow the instructions provided with the hair dye. Be sure to protect your skin and clothing during the application, and apply the new color evenly throughout your hair.

Rinse and condition: 

After the recommended processing time, rinse your hair thoroughly, and use the conditioner provided with the hair dye to ensure your hair remains healthy and moisturized.

This method is an effective way to darken your hair color. However, be cautious not to go too dark, as correcting overly dark hair can be more challenging.

How To Tone Down Hair Color Naturally

If you prefer more natural methods to adjust your hair color, you’re in luck. Several natural ingredients can help you tone down overly bright hair. These methods are gentler on your hair and can be less damaging than using chemical dyes.

 Lemon juice:

 Lemon juice is a natural lightener, and it can help fade the color of your hair over time. Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto your hair and spend time in the sun. The sunlight, combined with the lemon juice, can naturally lighten your hair color.

Baking soda paste:

 Mix baking soda with water to create a paste, then apply it to your hair. This can help remove some of the hair dye and gradually lighten the color.

Chamomile tea:

 Brew a strong cup of chamomile tea and allow it to cool. Use it as a hair rinse to add a subtle golden tint to your hair. While it won’t dramatically darken your hair, it can help soften overly bright tones.

 Color-removing shampoos: 

Look for color-removing shampoos specially formulated to lighten hair color. These products can gradually fade the dye and bring your hair closer to the desired shade.

Natural methods may take some time to show noticeable results, and the extent to which they can tone down your hair color may vary based on your hair type and the dye used. Patience is key when using these methods.

How to tone down hair color that is too dark

On the flip side, if you’ve ended up with hair that’s too dark, there are ways to lighten it. Lightening overly dark hair can be a bit trickier, but it’s still manageable. Here are some methods to help you tone down dark hair color:

How to tone down hair color that is too dark

Use a clarifying shampoo:

 Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove product buildup and can help fade hair color over time. Use a clarifying shampoo regularly, but be aware that it may also strip some natural oils from your hair.

Vitamin C treatment:

 Crush vitamin C tablets into a fine powder and mix them with a clarifying shampoo. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing. The acidity of vitamin C can help lighten the hair color.

Hot oil treatment:

 Hot oil treatments can soften and fade hair color. You can use coconut oil or olive oil for this purpose. Warm the oil and apply it to your hair, then wrap your head with a warm towel for about 30 minutes before shampooing.

 Seek professional help:

 If your hair is extremely dark, it may be best to consult a professional colorist. They can assess your situation and recommend the best course of action to achieve your desired hair color.

Methods for Toning Down Hair Color at Home

Use a Color-Depositing ShampooSpecial shampoos that deposit color to neutralize unwanted tones.Easy to use, temporary results, various shades available.May not provide significant color correction.
DIY Hair Toning MasksHomemade masks using natural ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice.Natural and chemical-free, can help with subtle toning.Homemade masks use natural ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice.
Box Hair Color DyeChoosing a shade closer to your desired color to cover or tone down existing color.Results may vary, and may not be suitable for all hair types.Risk of uneven color or further damage if not used correctly.
Color-Removing ProductsProducts designed to remove unwanted color from hair.Can be harsh on hair, and may require multiple applications.Readily available, cost-effective, and can provide lasting results.
Baking Soda PasteA homemade paste made with baking soda and water to lighten hair color.Inexpensive, natural, and easy to make.May not work on all hair colors, could be drying to hair.
Vitamin C TreatmentCrushed vitamin C tablets mixed with shampoo to fade hair color.Natural and chemical-free methods can create subtle highlights.Results may vary, and it may take several treatments.
Lemon Juice and Sun ExposureCan effectively remove the previous dye, providing a clean slate.Can help fade color gently, and often works well on semi-permanent dyes.May cause dryness and damage if overused.
Temporary Hair Chalk or SpraysNon-permanent options to change hair color temporarily.Applying lemon juice to hair and exposing it to sunlight to lighten the color.Easy to apply and remove, with no commitment to the color.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these methods can vary depending on your hair type, the current color, and the product’s quality. Always perform a strand test or consult with a professional if you’re uncertain about the outcome or the potential impact on your hair.


If your hair has turned out too red and you’d like to tone it down, follow these three steps:

 Use a green-toned shampoo: 

Look for shampoos with a green or ash tone. These shampoos can help neutralize red and copper undertones in your hair. Use them regularly to gradually reduce the redness.

Apply a color-correcting treatment:

 Color-correcting treatments or hair masks designed to reduce redness can be beneficial. Apply the treatment to your hair, following the instructions on the product, and leave it on for the recommended duration.

 Consult a professional: 

If the redness is particularly intense and challenging to correct, consider seeking the expertise of a professional colorist. They can recommend the most suitable products and techniques to achieve the desired hair color.

Simple Ways to Tone Down Bright Hair Colour

Bright and vibrant hair colors can be a lot of fun, but if you’ve gone a bit too bold and want to tone it down, here are some simple methods to do so:

 Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo: 

Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove product buildup and can help fade bright hair colors over time. Use a clarifying shampoo regularly to gradually reduce the intensity of the color.

Coldwater rinses: 

Rinsing your hair with cold water can help seal the hair cuticle and lock in color. This can help preserve your current color and prevent it from fading further.

Opt for a color-protective conditioner:

 Using a conditioner formulated to protect and preserve hair color can be beneficial. These products can help maintain the vibrancy of your color while preventing it from becoming too bright.

Limit exposure to the sun: 

Sunlight can fade hair color, so wearing a hat or using a UV-protective hair product when outdoors can help preserve your desired color.

Consult a professional:

 If you’re struggling to tone down a bright hair color, or if you’re looking to achieve a specific toned-down shade, it’s a good idea to consult a professional colorist. They can provide expert guidance and solutions tailored to your unique situation.


How can I tone down overly bright hair color at home?

 To tone down overly bright hair color at home, use a color-correcting shampoo or conditioner that’s one or two shades lighter than your current color. Wash your hair with it regularly to gradually fade the intensity.

What should I do if my hair color is too bright and I want a more natural look?

 If your hair color is too bright and you want a more natural look, try a semi-permanent hair dye in a shade closer to your desired result. It will gradually fade, making the color more subtle.

Is there a quick fix to tone down bright hair color? 

For a quick fix, you can apply a diluted solution of baking soda and water to your hair, leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse. This can help reduce the vibrancy of the color.

Can I use a hair toner to tone down bright hair color? 

Yes, you can use a hair toner specifically designed for the color you want to achieve. Toners can help neutralize or balance overly bright hues and make them look more natural.

Should I consult a professional to tone down extremely bright hair color?

 If your hair color is extremely bright or you’re unsure about the process, it’s best to consult a professional hair colorist. They can assess your specific situation and recommend the best approach to achieve the desired tone.


In conclusion, if your hair color is too bright, there are several methods to tone it down. You can start with color-correcting shampoos, natural remedies like chamomile tea or lemon juice, or consult a professional for personalized solutions. Similarly, if your hair is too dark, you can use clarifying shampoos, vitamin C treatments, or seek professional assistance. Remember, the effectiveness of these methods can vary, so patience and testing are key.

 Also, for overly red hair, green-toned shampoos, color-correcting treatments, and professional guidance are your best allies. Finally, maintaining vibrant hair color or toning it down can be achieved through simple home practices like coldwater rinses, color-protective conditioners, and sun protection. And when in doubt, a professional colorist can provide expert help.

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