What Color Cancels Out Green Tones In Hair?

Green tones refer to various shades and hues of the color green, ranging from light to dark, often associated with nature and environmental themes. In art and design, green tones are used to evoke feelings of freshness, growth, and tranquility.

Ever faced a hair color dilemma with stubborn green tones? Fear not! Discover the magic of color correction and find out which hue can bid farewell to those unwanted green hues in your hair. Unveil the secrets to achieving the perfect, neutralized hair color that leaves you looking vibrant and fabulous. 

To neutralize green tones in hair, the opposite color on the color wheel is red. Red effectively cancels out green hues, making it a suitable choice for correcting greenish tints in hair color. Using a red-toned hair product or adding a touch of red to your existing hair color can help balance and eliminate unwanted green undertones, leaving your hair looking more natural and vibrant.

Color correction in hair

Color correction in hair refers to the process of adjusting or fixing the color of hair that has been dyed or colored. Sometimes, due to factors like fading, uneven application, or unexpected results, hair color may not turn out as desired. Color correction involves using professional techniques to balance and enhance the color, ensuring a more even and natural appearance. 

This may include removing unwanted tones, correcting highlights or lowlights, and achieving the desired shade. It’s essential to seek the expertise of a skilled hairstylist for color correction, as they can assess the current state of your hair and recommend the best course of action to achieve the desired results while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

Common causes of green tones in hair

Green tones in hair can result from various common causes, often stemming from exposure to chlorine, hard water, or certain hair products. Chlorine in swimming pools is a major culprit, as it can react with hair, especially if it’s chemically treated or porous. 

Hard water, containing high mineral levels, may also deposit minerals onto the hair, giving it a greenish tint. Additionally, the use of copper-based hair products or exposure to copper pipes in water systems can contribute to unwanted green hues. To prevent or address these issues, using a clarifying shampoo, protecting hair before swimming, and being mindful of product ingredients can help maintain a vibrant and natural hair color.

Turn blonde hair into green

Turn blonde hair into green

Turning blonde hair green is not a common choice, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with temporary hair dyes or color sprays designed for fun and creative transformations. 

Before applying any product, make sure to check if it’s safe for your hair type and follow the instructions carefully. Keep in mind that achieving a vibrant green color on blonde hair may require a lighter base, and the result can vary based on your hair’s natural undertones. If you’re unsure about the outcome, consider doing a strand test first.

Identifying the complementary color to green

Identifying the complementary color to green is straightforward. In the realm of natural hair colors, each shade possesses a counterpart that accentuates its richness when combined. For green, its complementary color corresponds to the vibrant hues found in red, creating a harmonious and visually appealing pairing.

This means that red is the color opposite to green on the color wheel. When used together, green and red create a striking visual contrast, making each color appear more vivid and intense. If you’re looking to create eye-catching designs or add balance to your color palette, consider incorporating the complementary color red with your green elements for a dynamic and harmonious effect.

What Color Cancels Out Green Tones?

Green ToneCancelling Color

Remove green tones from hair

If you’ve got unwanted green tones in your hair, don’t worry—it happens, especially if you’ve been swimming in chlorinated pools. To fix this, try a simple home remedy. Mix a bit of tomato juice with your regular shampoo and wash your hair with the mixture.

The acidity of the tomato juice can help neutralize the greenish tint. Alternatively, you can use a specially formulated purple shampoo, as purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, canceling out the unwanted tones. Your hair afterward to keep it healthy and hydrated. If the green persists, consider seeking professional advice from a hairstylist for a more tailored solution.

What color cancels out green tones in hair without bleach?

To neutralize green tones in hair without using bleach, you can turn to the color wheel for help. The opposite of green on the color wheel is red. Using a red-toned hair dye or a product with warm undertones can help cancel out the unwanted green hue. 

Look for hair dyes labeled as “warm” or “auburn” to counteract the green tones effectively. Choose a shade that is a bit darker than your current hair color to ensure the best results. Keep in mind that the color correction process may take a few tries, so patience is key.

Spot correction vs. overall color correction

AspectSpot CorrectionOverall Color Correction
FocusAddresses specific areas or spots with issues (e.g., blemishes, redness).Targets the entire image or a large portion to adjust overall color balance.
PurposeCorrects isolated imperfections without affecting the entire picture.Adjusts the overall color tone, saturation, and brightness for a more uniform look.
ApplicationUses targeted tools or brushes for precise correction.Applies adjustments globally using tools like color grading or balance controls.
Use CasesIdeal for fixing localized issues in a photo or video frame.Suited for enhancing the overall aesthetic and mood of the entire visual content.
ExamplesRemoving a red spot on someone’s face in a photo.Balancing the color tones of an entire landscape photo for a natural and appealing look.

Tips for Preventing Green Tones

Tips for Preventing Green Tones

1. Choose the Right Products: When using hair color products, opt for those specifically formulated for your hair type and color. Quality products designed for blonde hair can help minimize the risk of green tones.

2. Avoid Chlorinated Water: Chlorine in swimming pools is a common culprit for greenish hues. Before swimming, wet your hair with clean water to reduce chlorine absorption, or wear a swim cap to protect your blonde locks.

3. Limit Sun Exposure: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can affect hair color. Consider using a UV-protective spray or wearing a hat to shield your hair from the sun’s rays, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

4. Test Color Products: Before applying any new color or treatment, perform a strand test. This helps you assess how your hair will react to the product and allows you to make adjustments before applying it to your entire head.

5. Regular Maintenance: Keep your blonde hair vibrant by using color-preserving shampoos and conditioners. These products help maintain your hair’s natural color and prevent unwanted tones, including greenish hues, from developing over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color cancels out green tones in hair?

Red is the complementary color that cancels out green tones in hair. If your hair has an unwanted green tint, using a red-based color or product can help neutralize and balance the tones.

How does red counteract green in hair?

Red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel, making red the complementary color to green. When applied to green-toned hair, red helps to neutralize and minimize the unwanted green hues.

Can I use any red color to correct the green tones?

It’s essential to choose a red shade that complements your hair color. For example, a warm, coppery red may be effective for canceling out green tones in blonde hair, while a deeper, burgundy red may work well for brunettes.

Is it a permanent solution to use red to correct green hair?

No, using red to counteract green tones is often a temporary solution. It can help neutralize the unwanted color, but for a more permanent fix, it’s recommended to consult with a professional colorist who can assess your specific situation.

Can I try DIY methods to correct the green tones in my hair?

While there are DIY methods using household items like tomato juice or ketchup, these may not provide precise results. For a more reliable outcome, it’s advisable to seek professional advice or use hair products specifically designed to correct unwanted tones.


Understanding the color wheel can be your key to neutralizing unwanted green tones in your hair. By choosing a color opposite to green on the wheel, such as red or reddish tones, you can effectively cancel out the green hues. 

Whether dealing with a greenish tint from chlorine, pool water, or dye gone awry, using complementary colors provides a simple and effective solution. Consider the intensity and undertones of the unwanted green, and choose the appropriate color corrector or hair product to bring your hair back to the desired shade. With a bit of color theory know-how, you can confidently tackle and correct green tones in your hair for a beautiful and balanced result.

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