What Color Is Beetlejuice’s Hair?

Beetlejuice, the iconic character played by Michael Keaton in the 1988 film, “Beetlejuice,” has wild and unruly hair. It is a vibrant, bright green color, adding to his eccentric and zany appearance. This unique hair color is one of the distinctive features that make Beetlejuice instantly recognizable to fans of the movie.

In the world of pop culture, Beetlejuice’s green hair has become an enduring symbol of his quirky personality and the fantastical nature of the film. It’s a visual characteristic that continues to captivate audiences, even decades after the movie’s release.

Beetlejuice Hair Color Meaning 

Beetlejuice’s hair color, which is typically depicted as green, doesn’t hold a specific symbolic meaning. It’s primarily a creative choice made by the filmmakers to enhance the character’s eccentric and unsettling appearance, contributing to the overall ambiance of the film.

Is Beetlejuice’s Hair Green?

The most commonly held belief is that Beetlejuice’s hair is green. This notion is primarily driven by the character’s portrayal in the 1988 film, where he is portrayed by Michael Keaton. Beetlejuice’s hair is depicted as a vibrant, mossy green, which contributes to his bizarre and unsettling appearance.

The Role of Makeup

To create this distinctive look, makeup artists used a variety of techniques and special effects. In particular, they applied a greenish tint to Michael Keaton’s hair, which, combined with the overall makeup, contributed to the iconic Beetlejuice appearance.

The Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice’s hair color is further accentuated by his flamboyant wardrobe, which includes a black and white striped suit, a crazy tie, and wild accessories. His costume complements the eccentricity of his character, and in a world of colors, cancels pink in hair, contributing to the overall impression of a mischievous and chaotic spirit.

Factors Affecting Beetlejuice

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MassBeetlejuice is a massive star, with a mass estimated to be about 10-20 times that of our sun. A star’s mass affects its life cycle and eventual fate, which for massive stars can include a supernova explosion.
LuminosityBeetlejuice is one of the most luminous stars in the night sky, primarily due to its enormous size and high temperature. Changes in luminosity can indicate shifts in the star’s life cycle.
TemperatureDespite being a “red” supergiant, Beetlejuice is still quite hot, with surface temperatures around 3,500 to 5,500 degrees Celsius. Variations in temperature can affect its appearance and spectral characteristics.
DistanceBeetlejuice is relatively close to Earth in astronomical terms, at a distance of about 640 light-years. Its proximity makes it an ideal target for detailed observational studies.
VariabilityBeetlejuice is known for its variability in brightness, which can be caused by pulsations in its outer layers and changes in the amount of dust along our line of sight. Studying its variability can provide insights into its internal processes.

These factors collectively contribute to our understanding of Beetlejuice’s behavior and its role in the night sky.

Does Beetlejuice Have Purple Hair?

While the consensus is that Beetlejuice’s hair is green, there are alternative interpretations. Some fans have suggested that his hair might be purple, particularly in certain interpretations outside of the original film.

Beetlejuice Have Purple Hair

Variations in Depictions

Beetlejuice has made appearances in various media, such as animated TV series and stage adaptations. In some of these adaptations, his hair color has been depicted as purple rather than green. These creative variations could be attributed to the artistic freedom that different adaptations offer.

The Influence of Artistic Choices

Artistic choices play a significant role in the portrayal of Beetlejuice’s hair color. Depending on the medium and the vision of the creators, the character’s hair color can vary, leading to occasional confusion among fans.

Is Beetlejuice a Ghost or a Demon?

Another aspect of Beetlejuice’s character that has generated intrigue is his nature. Is Beetlejuice a ghost or a demon? In the original film, he is referred to as a “bio-exorcist,” which implies a unique and otherworldly nature.

The Ambiguity of Beetlejuice

The ambiguity surrounding Beetlejuice’s identity is a deliberate choice by Tim Burton and the filmmakers. His character is designed to be mysterious and unpredictable, making it challenging to categorize him as a traditional ghost or demon.

His Connection to the Afterlife

While Beetlejuice is often associated with the afterlife and possesses abilities typically attributed to supernatural entities, the film leaves much of his backstory and origins shrouded in mystery, leaving room for interpretation.

Is Beetlejuice a Bad Guy?

Beetlejuice’s mischievous and chaotic nature has led to debates about whether he is a hero or a villain. He is neither entirely good nor entirely evil, making him a complex character.

Chaotic Neutral Alignment

One way to understand Beetlejuice’s character is by considering his alignment on the Dungeons & Dragons scale. He could be seen as a chaotic neutral character, one who follows their own whims and desires without being strictly good or evil.

His Role as a “Bio-Exorcist”

In the film, Beetlejuice is hired to scare away the living occupants of a house to make room for the deceased. While his actions can be viewed as malevolent, he is merely doing his job as a “bio-exorcist.”

What Is Beetlejuice’s Disability?

Beetlejuice’s appearance is not just about his hair or clothing. He also has several visible physical disabilities that contribute to his unconventional look.

Deformities and Physical Ailments

Beetlejuice has a grotesque and unsettling appearance, which includes a shrunken head, discolored skin, and a missing eyeball. These deformities are part of his character and add to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the film.

What Was Beetlejuice Before He Died?

The question of Beetlejuice’s life before death remains largely unanswered in the original film. Little is known about his past or the circumstances that led to his current state.

A Man of Mystery

Beetlejuice’s character embodies the mysterious and enigmatic quality that is prevalent throughout the film. The lack of information about his previous life only adds to the intrigue surrounding the character.

Fan Theories

Over the years, fans have come up with various theories about Beetlejuice’s origins and how he came to be a “bio-exorcist.” Some have suggested that he was once a regular person who made a pact with dark forces, while others propose that he was always a supernatural being.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the meaning behind Beetlejuice’s green hair?

Beetlejuice’s green hair doesn’t have a specific symbolic meaning. It’s a creative choice made by filmmakers to enhance his eccentric appearance and contribute to the unique ambiance of the film.

Is Beetlejuice’s hair always green in all adaptations?

While green is the most common depiction of Beetlejuice’s hair, there have been variations in different adaptations, with some showing his hair as purple. The interpretation of his hair color can vary based on artistic choices.

Is Beetlejuice a ghost or a demon in the original film?

Beetlejuice’s nature is intentionally left ambiguous in the original film. He is referred to as a “bio-exorcist,” implying a unique and otherworldly character, but the film doesn’t categorically label him as a ghost or demon.

Is Beetlejuice a hero or a villain?

Beetlejuice is neither a hero nor a villain in a traditional sense. He exhibits chaotic and mischievous behavior, making it challenging to classify him as entirely good or evil. He can be considered a chaotic neutral character.

What are Beetlejuice’s visible physical disabilities?

Beetlejuice’s physical disabilities include a shrunken head, discolored skin, and a missing eyeball. These deformities are part of his character design and contribute to his eerie appearance.


Beetlejuice, the iconic character with green hair, remains a beloved figure in pop culture. His hair color, a creative choice that doesn’t hold specific meaning, contributes to his eccentric appearance. 

Fans continue to debate his nature, whether he’s a ghost, demon, hero, or villain, and his past remains shrouded in mystery, making him a character of enduring intrigue. With his varied adaptations and fan theories, Beetlejuice continues to captivate audiences, showcasing the lasting impact of his zany personality and fantastical world, even decades after the film’s release.

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