What Color Is Beth Dutton’s Hair?

Beth Dutton, the tough and resourceful character from the popular TV series “Yellowstone,” is portrayed with blonde hair. However, her natural hair color is not blonde. Actress Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, actually has dark brown hair, which is quite different from the blonde shade she sports on the show. 

This change in hair color is achieved through the magic of television and skilled hairstylists who transform her into the character we know and love on screen. Beth’s blonde hair is a distinctive part of her character’s appearance, even though it’s not her natural hair color.

What is Beth Dutton’s natural hair color?

Beth Dutton, the character portrayed by actress Kelly Reilly in the popular television series “Yellowstone,” is often seen with striking blonde hair. However, in reality, Kelly Reilly’s natural hair color is not blonde; her natural hair color is a dark shade of brown. The transformation to blonde hair for the character of Beth Dutton is a part of the actress’s portrayal, showcasing how hair color can play a significant role in character development and storytelling within the entertainment industry.

The Enigmatic Beauty of Beth Dutton

If you’re a fan of the hit TV series “Yellowstone,” you’re undoubtedly familiar with the strong, complex, and enigmatic character of Beth Dutton, portrayed by the talented actress Kelly Reilly. Beth Dutton is a central figure in the show, known for her fiery personality and striking appearance. While her personality is captivating, many fans are also curious about Beth Dutton’s natural hair color. In this article, we’ll delve into this mystery and uncover the truth about her locks.

The Iconic Red Hair

One of the most distinctive features of Beth Dutton is her vibrant red hair. This fiery mane not only complements her character but also adds to her overall allure. It’s no surprise that fans of the show are often left wondering whether this iconic red hair is natural or if it’s the result of some skilled hairstyling and colorists.

The Woman Behind Beth Dutton

To understand Beth Dutton’s natural hair color, we first need to look at the actress who brings her to life on screen. Kelly Reilly, the British actress, has had a diverse career in film and television. She’s known for her talent and versatility, and her appearance as Beth Dutton has further solidified her status as a respected actress in the industry.

Kelly Reilly’s Natural Hair Color

Kelly Reilly’s natural hair color is not the vibrant red that we associate with Beth Dutton. In reality, Kelly Reilly is a brunette. Her natural hair is a rich, dark brown, which is quite different from the striking red hair that her character Beth Dutton sports in “Yellowstone.”

A Symbol of Her Personality

In “Yellowstone,” Beth Dutton’s red hair is more than just a physical characteristic; it’s a symbol of her fiery personality and her uncompromising nature. Her character is known for her sharp wit, fierce independence, and a willingness to go to great lengths to protect her family’s ranch. The red hair embodies her fiery spirit and adds depth to her character.

The Transformation

The stark contrast between Kelly Reilly’s natural hair color and Beth Dutton’s signature red locks, accentuated by colorful hair extensions, highlights the transformative power of hair and makeup in the world of television and film. The choice to give Beth Dutton red hair was a conscious one, made to create a visually striking and memorable character.

The Art of Character Transformation

The transformation of an actor into a character involves several elements, with hair and makeup playing a significant role. In the case of Beth Dutton, the decision to give her red hair was part of a well-thought-out character design. The show’s creators wanted to create a character who was visually distinctive and memorable, and Beth’s red hair accomplishes just that.

The Versatility of Actors

The transformation of an actor, like Kelly Reilly, from their natural appearance into a character like Beth Dutton demonstrates the versatility and dedication of actors. It’s a testament to their ability to inhabit different roles and bring those characters to life, even if it means undergoing significant changes in their appearance.

Beth Dutton’s Hair Color Throughout “Yellowstone” Series

Season/EpisodeBeth Dutton’s Hair Color
Season 1, Ep 1Blonde
Season 1, Ep 5Blonde
Season 2, Ep 3Blonde with highlights
Season 3, Ep 7Dark Blonde
Season 4, Ep 2Brunette

Please note that this is a hypothetical table, and you would need to watch the show or refer to the latest sources to get accurate and up-to-date information about Beth Dutton’s hair color in different episodes or seasons.

The Role of Wigs and Hair Dye

In the world of film and television, wigs and hair dye are common tools used to transform an actor’s appearance. In the case of Beth Dutton, it’s likely that both wigs and hair dye were used to achieve the vibrant red hair seen on screen.

while Kelly Reilly’s natural hair color is brown, she dons a wig and undergoes a hair dye process to become Beth Dutton.

The Process of Creating Beth Dutton’s Look

The process of creating Beth Dutton’s look involves several steps. First, a wig that matches the character’s desired hair color and style is chosen. The wig is then carefully fitted to the actor’s head to ensure a natural and comfortable fit. Once the wig is in place, professional hairstylists and colorists work their magic to create the character’s signature hairstyle and color.

Creating Beth Dutton's Look

The Power of Hair and Makeup in Character Development

Discover the stunning hair color of Beth Dutton from Yellowstone. Get the inside scoop on her iconic look.

The Impact of Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton has become one of the standout characters in “Yellowstone.” Her fiery personality, strong will, and striking appearance have made her a fan favorite. Beth’s red hair, while not Kelly Reilly’s natural color, has become an integral part of the character’s identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the natural hair color of Beth Dutton’s character in Yellowstone?

 Beth Dutton, portrayed by Kelly Reilly, is a fictional character on the TV series Yellowstone. Her character’s natural hair color is typically portrayed as blonde.

Does Kelly Reilly dye her hair for the role of Beth Dutton? 

Yes, Kelly Reilly dyes her hair for the role of Beth Dutton. Her natural hair color is not blonde, so she undergoes a hair transformation to portray the character accurately.

What shade of blonde is Beth Dutton’s hair? 

The exact shade of blonde used for Beth Dutton’s hair can vary throughout the show. It is generally a medium to light blonde with some variations in intensity.

Are there any specific haircare products used to maintain Beth Dutton’s hair color?

 The specific haircare products used to maintain Beth Dutton’s hair color are not publicly disclosed. However, the character’s hairstylist on the show likely uses various professional hair dyes and products to achieve the desired look.

Has Beth Dutton’s hair color changed over the course of the series? 

Beth Dutton’s hair color has remained relatively consistent throughout the series. While there may be subtle variations in tone and styling, her blonde hair has been a constant characteristic of the character.


Beth Dutton, the iconic character from the TV series “Yellowstone,” is portrayed with blonde hair, although her natural hair color is dark brown. Actress Kelly Reilly, who brings Beth Dutton to life, undergoes a transformation using wigs and hair dye to achieve this signature look. This change in hair color serves as a testament to the transformative power of hair and makeup in the world of television and film, enhancing character development and storytelling within the entertainment industry.

The choice of red hair for Beth Dutton plays a pivotal role in creating a visually distinctive and memorable character. It’s a testament to the versatility of actors like Kelly Reilly, who can undergo significant changes in their appearance to bring characters to life. The impact of Beth Dutton and her striking red hair has made her a standout figure in the world of television, captivating audiences with her fiery personality and unique appearance.

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