what color is cinderella’s hair?

Cinderella’s hair is often portrayed as a beautiful shade of blonde. This iconic Disney character, known for her kindness and grace, is often depicted with long, golden locks that perfectly complement her elegant appearance.

In various adaptations and depictions of Cinderella, her hair color may vary slightly, but the most common and recognizable choice is a lovely blonde hue. It’s this enchanting blonde hair that adds to her timeless charm and captures the hearts of audiences around the world.

Cinderella’s Hair Color Change

Cinderella’s hair color has undergone some changes over the years. In Disney’s original animated classic, released in 1950, her hair is depicted as a soft shade of strawberry blonde. This warm, golden hue complements her iconic blue gown and adds to her overall charm. However, different adaptations have portrayed her with varying hair colors.

Cinderella Adaptations and Actresses’ Ethnicities

1950 Disney FilmIlene WoodsVoiced Cinderella
1965 TV MusicalLesley Ann WarrenCaucasian
1997 Film (Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella)Brandy NorwoodAfrican American
1998 Animated SequelJennifer HaleVoiced Cinderella
2015 Disney FilmLily JamesCaucasian
2021 Amazon SeriesCamila CabelloLatina

Keep in mind that these adaptations have taken creative liberties, and the casting choices may not necessarily reflect the character’s ethnicity as originally conceived in Cinderella folklore. Additionally, there are countless other adaptations and regional variations of the Cinderella story that have featured different actresses from various ethnic backgrounds.

What is Cinderella’s Original Hair Color?

As mentioned, Cinderella’s original hair color in the Disney animated classic is strawberry blonde. This choice was made to enhance her gentle and kind personality and to create a harmonious visual contrast with her gown. Her hair color in the original film reflects her innocence and purity.

How to Make Cinderella Hair

If you’re looking to recreate Cinderella’s hair, whether for a costume or just for fun, here’s a simple guide to achieve her classic look:

How to Make Cinderella Hair

 Blonde or Strawberry Blonde Wig

You can start by obtaining a wig that matches the desired hair color. A wig in a shade of blonde or strawberry blonde is perfect for imitating Cinderella’s iconic hair.

 Hair Length and Style

Cinderella’s hair is long and wavy. If your wig doesn’t come in the desired style, you can use heatless curling methods, such as braiding, to achieve soft waves.

 Hair Accessories

To complete the look, consider adding a blue headband or ribbon, similar to the one Cinderella wears in the original movie. This accessory is a charming touch that ties her whole look together.


Cinderella’s makeup is simple and natural. Focus on achieving a soft, rosy complexion with minimal eye makeup. Add a hint of pink to your lips for that perfect finishing touch.

How Would You Describe Cinderella’s Hair?

Describing Cinderella’s hair can be a delightful task. Her hair is like spun gold, with a gentle wave that cascades down her back. It has a subtle, radiant glow that perfectly complements her radiant blue eyes and fair complexion. Cinderella’s hair exudes an aura of grace, elegance, and enchantment.

What Color is Cinderella’s Hair: Brunette?

While the traditional depiction of Cinderella features her with strawberry blonde or blonde hair, there have been instances where she is portrayed with brunette hair. This variation is typically seen in modern adaptations and reinterpretations of the classic tale.

In these adaptations, Cinderella’s dream hair adds a contemporary twist to her character. It can symbolize her adaptability and strength, highlighting her ability to overcome adversity. This departure from the classic portrayal allows for creative interpretations and reimagining of the beloved character while maintaining the core qualities that make Cinderella so endearing.

What Color is Cinderella’s Hair: Blonde?

In the majority of interpretations and adaptations, Cinderella is portrayed with blonde hair. Blonde hair is often associated with purity, innocence, and a gentle disposition, all of which align with Cinderella’s character. This classic depiction has become the go-to look for Cinderella, especially in Disney’s official branding and merchandise.

Blonde-haired Cinderella is the embodiment of grace and kindness. Her golden locks complement her blue gown, creating an iconic and harmonious color scheme. This look has become ingrained in popular culture and is instantly recognizable as the Cinderella we know and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color is Cinderella’s hair in the original Disney animated movie?

In the original Disney animated movie, Cinderella’s hair is depicted as being blonde.

Has Cinderella’s hair color changed in any modern adaptations of the story?

While Cinderella’s hair color remains blonde in most adaptations, there have been some variations, with shades ranging from ash blonde to golden blonde in different interpretations.

What color is Cinderella’s hair in the live-action Cinderella movies?

In the live-action adaptations of Cinderella, like the 2015 film starring Lily James, Cinderella’s hair is also portrayed as blonde.

Are there any versions of the Cinderella story where her hair is a different color?

Yes, in some reimagined or non-traditional adaptations of Cinderella, her hair color can vary, with some versions depicting her with red, brown, or even black hair.

Why is Cinderella often depicted with blonde hair in popular culture?

The choice of blonde hair for Cinderella in popular culture is largely a creative decision by storytellers and artists. Blonde hair is often associated with purity, innocence, and fairy tale princesses, which aligns with Cinderella’s character and the themes of her story.


Cinderella’s hair is most commonly portrayed as a beautiful shade of blonde, reflecting her iconic status as a kind and graceful Disney princess. This classic depiction is prevalent in various adaptations, including live-action films, and has become deeply ingrained in popular culture. While some adaptations have shown variations in her hair color, such as ash blonde or golden blonde, the traditional image of Cinderella with blonde hair remains the most recognizable and beloved version.

It’s important to note that creative interpretations and reinterpretations of Cinderella’s character may deviate from the classic portrayal, with instances of her having brunette or other hair colors in modern adaptations. These variations allow for new perspectives on the character while preserving her core qualities. For more detailed information about Cinderella’s hair color in specific adaptations and frequently asked questions, please refer to the article above.

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