What Is Cody Rhodes Natural Hair Color?

Cody Rhodes, a prominent professional wrestler, is known for his natural hair color, which is a rich and deep shade of brown. This natural hair color suits his charismatic and dynamic persona both in and out of the wrestling ring. While he may experiment with different hairstyles and colors for his character in the wrestling world, his natural brown hair is a defining feature that many fans recognize.

Cody Rhodes’ natural brown hair color not only adds to his distinct appearance but also reflects his heritage as a member of the famous Rhodes wrestling family. It’s a reminder of his wrestling legacy and showcases his unique style in the world of professional wrestling

Cody Rhodes: 

Before we dive into the topic of Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color, it’s essential to provide some context about the man himself. Cody Rhodes, whose real name is Cody Garrett Runnels, was born on June 30, 1985, in Marietta, Georgia. He hails from a wrestling family, as his father is the legendary Dusty Rhodes, and his half-brother is Goldust (Dustin Rhodes), both of whom are iconic figures in the professional wrestling world.

Cody Rhodes started his wrestling career in 2006 when he signed with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). During his time with the company, he developed the character “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and later “Stardust.” These personas allowed him to showcase his versatility and creativity. However, many fans were left wondering about the authenticity of his ever-changing hair color.

The Mystery of Cody Rhodes’ Hair Color

Cody Rhodes is known for his chameleon-like ability to alter his appearance, including his hair color. Eddie Munson’s hair adaptability has led to a degree of mystery surrounding his natural hair color. In various interviews and appearances, Cody has been candid about this aspect of his identity, and we can unveil the truth behind his hair color.

Cody Rhodes’ Natural Hair Color

Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color is brown. As the son of Dusty Rhodes, who was also known for his long, flowing brown hair, it’s not surprising that Cody inherited similar characteristics. Brown is a common natural hair color for many individuals, and it’s a part of Cody’s genetic makeup.

The Blond Hair Era

During his WWE career, particularly during the “Dashing” Cody Rhodes phase, fans witnessed him sporting bleach-blond hair. While this look was striking, it was achieved through the process of hair bleaching, a common practice among professional wrestlers to create a distinctive appearance. Cody embraced this transformation as part of his persona, and it added to his mystique in the ring.

The Stardust Era

Perhaps one of the most memorable phases of Cody Rhodes’ career was when he portrayed the character Stardust. As Stardust, Cody donned a face-painted, cosmic persona with a vivid, electric blue wig. This marked a significant departure from his natural hair color and further fueled the curiosity of fans about his real hair beneath the colorful wigs.

Return to Natural

After departing from WWE in 2016, Cody Rhodes returned to his roots, both in terms of his career and his hair color. He began to grow out his natural brown hair, making appearances in various wrestling promotions, including Ring of Honor (ROH) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This transition allowed fans to see Cody in a more authentic light, embracing his natural self.

The Significance of Hair Color in Wrestling

Hair ColorSignificance in Wrestling
Blonde– Associated with iconic figures like “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
– Conveys a heroic and charismatic persona.
– Memorable and easy to recognize in the ring.
– Often used to connect with a wide fan base.
Dark Hair– Portrays a sense of mystery and intensity.
– Creates an enigmatic and imposing character.
– Associated with wrestlers like The Undertaker.
– Leaves a lasting impression on fans.
Changing Hair– Demonstrates versatility and adaptability.
– Keeps fans engaged and curious.
– Adds a dynamic element to wrestling storytelling.
– Allows for the creation of distinct wrestling personas.

This table highlights the role of hair color in shaping the personas and characters of wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling.

The Evolution of Cody Rhodes’ Appearance

Cody Rhodes’ changing hair color is just one facet of his evolving appearance throughout his wrestling career. Beyond his hair, his attire, body art, and overall character have undergone significant transformations.

The Evolution of Cody Rhodes' Appearance


Cody Rhodes is known for his stylish and innovative ring gear. Throughout his career, he has worn various outfits that match his character at the time. From the dashing suits to the cosmic-themed attire as Stardust and the more traditional wrestling attire in AEW, Cody’s wardrobe choices have been as dynamic as his in-ring style.


Another notable change in Cody Rhodes’ appearance is his growing collection of tattoos. Over the years, he has added several tattoos to his body, each with personal significance. These tattoos include tributes to his family and commemorate pivotal moments in his life.

Facial Hair

Cody’s facial hair has also been a distinctive feature. At times, he has sported a clean-shaven look, while at others, he has grown a beard or a well-groomed mustache. These changes in facial hair often correspond to the evolution of his wrestling character.

 Body Transformation

Cody Rhodes has consistently maintained a remarkable level of physical fitness throughout his career. He has gone through different phases of body conditioning, at times appearing lean and agile, and at other times, adopting a bulkier and more powerful physique.

Cody Rhodes’ Impact on Professional Wrestling

Cody Rhodes’ contributions to professional wrestling extend beyond his appearance. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the industry, particularly in his work with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). His dedication to innovation and storytelling has made AEW a prominent wrestling promotion, providing a refreshing alternative for fans.

The Creation of AEW

Cody, along with The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), played a fundamental role in establishing All Elite Wrestling. AEW emerged as a formidable competitor to WWE, providing wrestlers with new opportunities and fans with exciting alternatives to traditional wrestling programming.

Storytelling and Character Development

Cody Rhodes is known for his storytelling skills and character development. He has been involved in several memorable feuds and rivalries that captivated audiences. His matches are not just displays of athleticism but also compelling narratives that engage fans on an emotional level.

Building a Connection with the Audience

One of Cody’s strengths is his ability to connect with the audience. Whether he’s playing a heroic figure or a villain, he has a unique charisma that resonates with fans. His authenticity and passion for wrestling are evident in his interactions with the crowd.

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Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color is brown, a fact that may surprise some who have followed his wrestling career and witnessed his various hair transformations. His journey through different wrestling personas and appearances has been a fascinating one, and it showcases his versatility and commitment to his craft.

Beyond his hair color, Cody’s contributions to professional wrestling, his influence on the industry, and his ability to connect with the audience are what truly define his legacy. As fans continue to follow his career, they can expect more remarkable moments and transformations, both inside and outside the ring.

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