Which Incantation Changes A Person’s Hair Color?

In the wizarding world, the incantation “Capillorus Chroma” is known to change a person’s hair color. With a simple wave of the wand and the utterance of this spell, a wizard or witch can transform their hair into a dazzling array of colors, from fiery red to electric blue, to suit their mood or style.

It’s essential to use this incantation responsibly, as hair color changes should be temporary and for fun rather than causing any harm. Wizards and witches must remember the importance of the wizarding code of ethics when casting such spells.

The Fascination with Changing Hair Color

Humans have been experimenting with altering their appearance for centuries. Hair dyeing is a practice that can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but in the wizarding world, witches and wizards have an array of magical options at their disposal. Whether for cosmetic reasons, disguises, or seeking inspiration from celebrities like Regina King, changing one’s hair color with magic is a common pursuit among magical folks.”

The Basic Incantations

In the wizarding world, there are a few basic incantations that allow for simple changes in hair color. These spells are usually taught to young witches and wizards during their early education at magical schools.


“Colovaria” is a fundamental spell used to change the color of an object, including hair. This spell can transform hair from its natural shade to almost any other color. It’s often the first spell that students learn for cosmetic purposes. By using this incantation, one can easily switch from brunette to blonde, or even go wild with vibrant colors like turquoise or neon pink.

“Mutare Capillus”

“Mutare Capillus” is another basic spell used for hair transformation. While “Colovaria” focuses on changing the color of the hair, “Mutare Capillus” allows for changes in hair texture and length. Wavy hair can become straight, short hair can grow long, and vice versa. This spell is especially popular among witches and wizards who want a quick and dramatic hair makeover.

Advanced Hair Transformation

For more complex and long-lasting changes in hair color, advanced spells are required. These incantations are often more difficult to master and may have side effects if not performed correctly.

“Pigmentatio Totalis”

“Pigmentation Totalis” is a high-level spell used for a complete change in hair color. It can turn any hair color into any other, regardless of the starting shade. However, it’s important to note that using this spell requires precise control, as it can lead to unpredictable results if not cast correctly. Novice witches and wizards are advised to practice on temporary wigs or enchanted mannequins before attempting this spell on their own hair.


“Chromamuto” is a spell that allows for temporary hair color changes. It’s popular among those who want to experiment with various shades without committing to a long-term transformation. The effects of “Chromamuto” last for a few hours to a few days, depending on the caster’s skill and intent.

Magical Hair Dyes

Aside from spells and incantations, magical hair dyes are available in the wizarding world. These enchanted products offer a hassle-free way to change hair color temporarily or permanently.


“MystiDye” is a well-known brand of magical hair dye that allows for a quick and easy change in hair color. It comes in various shades and can be applied like traditional hair dye. What makes “MystiDye” special is that it can be easily removed with a counter-spell, reverting the hair back to its original color. It’s a popular choice for witches and wizards who want a temporary change for special occasions.

“Polychrome Potion”

The “Polychroma Potion” is a more advanced option for those seeking long-lasting color transformation. This potion, when consumed, changes the color of the drinker’s hair permanently. Unlike a spell, the effects of the “Polychrome Potion” are irreversible, and it requires a skilled potions master to brew it correctly.

Cautions and Considerations

While changing one’s hair color through magic can be exciting, there are some important considerations and precautions to keep in mind.

Hair Health

Frequent and dramatic changes in hair color, especially through spells and potions, can have adverse effects on the hair’s health. It’s important to use magical hair products and incantations sparingly and to take breaks between transformations to allow the hair to recover.

Hair Health

Skilled Spellcasting

Advanced hair transformation spells can be challenging and require a high level of magical skill. Practicing on inanimate objects or seeking guidance from experienced witches and wizards is advisable to avoid unwanted results or side effects.

The Importance of Consent

It’s essential to respect an individual’s choice when it comes to changing their hair color. Altering someone’s appearance through magic without their consent is considered unethical and is not in line with the principles of responsible magic use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most basic incantation to change hair color?

The most basic incantation for changing hair color is “Colovaria.” It’s commonly taught to young witches and wizards for cosmetic transformations.

Can hair color changes be permanent with magic?

Yes, magical hair dyes and potions, like the “Polychrome Potion,” can provide long-lasting or permanent changes in hair color.

Are there any potential side effects of using hair transformation spells?

Yes, advanced spells can have unpredictable results if not cast correctly. It’s essential to practice and seek guidance to avoid unwanted side effects.

What is the difference between “Colovaria” and “Mutare Capillus” spells?

“Colovaria” changes the color of the hair, while “Mutare Capillus” allows for changes in hair texture and length.

Is there a spell for temporary hair color changes?

Yes, the “Chromamuto” spell is popular for temporary hair color transformations that last for a few hours to a few days, depending on the caster’s skill and intent.


The world of magic offers a wide array of options for changing one’s hair color. From simple and reversible spells to advanced incantations and magical hair dyes, witches and wizards have numerous methods to express themselves through their appearance. However, it’s crucial to approach hair transformation with caution, respect, and a focus on maintaining the health of one’s hair. So, which incantation changes a person’s hair color? The answer is that there are many, and the choice depends on the individual’s preferences, magical skill level, and desired outcome. As with any aspect of magic, responsible and ethical use should always be at the forefront of one’s magical practices.

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